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    Our 3rd family holiday (the extended family) as well as a couple of visits from some family members outside of our own stay.

    The estate evolves and grows like a child that is cherished and delights those who live near it.

    After renting the ‘Carpenter’s house’, we are now at the ‘Cooper’s house’. The sun welcomes us with its (very) warm rays, the swimming pool with its caressing cooling water, the thunder storm has torn the beautiful sky, the wind caresses’ our face and messes up our hair and there is a little drizzle rain.

    We don’t care about the weather, the place is heavenly!

    Simon is an outstanding manager of untouched kindness.

    The landscapes are grandiose, the architecture and old beams make us want to return some time.

    Plenty of places to go and discover … again, and in addition the enjoyment of the house and the estate.

    See you next… Simon, Olivier,

    Thank you.

    Family GOOR

    What a pleasure to return to Les Fargues.

    It’s a delight and such a treat!

    We congratulate Mr Paulus for his taste in arranging his houses with many ideas, beautiful interior design and a harmony of colours.

    What to say about Mr Simon… He is extraordinary, very welcoming, ready to serve, always in a good mood, and very efficient in his work.

    This little paradise on earth is wonderful, for both young and old. We hope to come again. Thanks again to Mr Simon for his full availability.

    François Family

    We discovered our family vibe in this privileged setting, finding oneself in an authentic decor.

    All the ingredients of the place contributed with the complicity of a sweet holiday.

    Not to mention the warm welcome of the guests which is completely in sync with the standards of the site.

    Just a THANK YOU !

    Guivarde Family

    The Fargues is,

    A beautiful estate set to music by Olivier Paulus and Simon,
    A magnificent and soothing panoramic view
    Fun activities for both young and old,
    But it was also lucky to meet Simon, who was always smiling, available and helpful.

    For our family, which is bigger from year to year, every time it’s an unanimous satisfaction!

    We can’t wait …

    Only a few more months of waiting …

    We will be back!  


    A wonderful week spent in an exceptional region.  The estate of The Fargues is a paradise on earth.

    Everything is in place to spend an unforgettable stay.

    But The Fargues are entirely intertwined with Simon.
    Mr Simon gives his spirit to this estate.
    His kindness, his availability, and his humour are the features that make this parenthesis in our lives an unforgettable stay.

    Dominique &Thibaut

    Thank you for this unforgettable stay

    We had a great week in the beautiful and timeless surroundings.

    The infrastructure and the house are impeccable.

    The hospitality and attention we received contributed to make our holiday peaceful and carefree.

    We will keep a lifetime of memories of our visit to the Rope maker’s house and we will happily return.

    Families Shot - Meschia - Thauvin - Burtin

    First, the flair for finding this place.

    Then, the ingenuity and taste with which the site was laid out.

    Even more, the pragmatism by which everything is managed and orchestrated.

    The kindness with which everything is managed.

    Because of that, we felt so at ease that we only visited one-third of our tourism program.

    So, we will have to come back!


    Claeys Guichard family

    We were looking for a friendly place to come amongst cousins, and we found a little piece of paradise.

    From our first exchanges with Mr Paulus, we felt that everything would be done to satisfy us, and that’s what we found.

    The beauty of the place is only matched by the kindness of its manager Mr Simon.

    We thank you for this stay during which you knew how to answer all our expectations, as much by your availability as by the enchanting setting and the comfort of the Rope maker’s house and Miller’s house.

    Cousins Courtial Family, Gaiotto

    The view of the valley,
    The sun shining,
    The birds that sang,
    The bread that crunched,
    Swimming pools that were heated,
    Children playing.

    And tennis to let off steam,
    The barbecue to refuel,
    Rosé wine to enjoy And Simon to organize it all.

    We found a little piece of heaven.

    Thank you.

    Coumartin and Mitrain families

    First a big thanks to you Mr Paulus for your warm welcome and of course also to Simon.

    I can’t say more about the estate other than that it is a wonderful place and filled with charm.

    An idyllic setting, calm, relaxing and especially warm people!

    Many thanks to Simon for his availability and good humour.

    We will not hesitate to recommend your beautiful place in our surroundings.

    See you soon.

    Ps: Simon allowed us to visit every house, and we must congratulate Mr Paulus for his charming homes decorated with great taste and especially a lot of space. Well done!!

    Paul and Carole De Schepper

    First stay for the Laurent family (Chatelet).

    We are pleasantly shocked! And nicely surprised!

    The surrounding is unique. The scene magical!

    The reception is fantastic.

    The region is prehistoric …

    The Well digger’s house is botanical!

    What a pleasure to go and pick when it’s time to cook (with scissors in hand), some thyme, laurel, parsley, basil, rosemary, chives, scallions, oregano, and so on!

    There is also another one who appreciates them as much as we do: a little grey rabbit …

    The Fargues is a unique estate in the world Illuminated by the pleasantness (and courage) of (Saint) Simon and Yolande. Without a doubt, we will come back.

    Fred, Laurence, Moniciela, Marisol.

    Like Perigord, Domaine des Fargues is a peaceful place, in a green setting, where the old stones full of charm tell, by their authenticity, a story that makes you dream …

    A change of scenery and absolute tranquillity assured!

    Thank you for your warm welcome, your availability and your good mood.
    These qualities have contributed to the charm of our stay and will remain engraved in our memories.

    Sébastien, Marc and Ana.

    When we came in 2012, we had already fallen under the spell of Perigord and The Fargues in particular.

    But this year, we fell completely in love.

    Thank you for your warm welcome, for the beauty of the estate, the amenities for both young and old. In short, this is Heaven on Earth!!!

    Thanks to Simon and Yolande for their availability, kindness, hospitality and efficiency!

    Thank you, Olivier, for having the genius to beautify this estate.
    Allowing families to come to paradisiac The Fargues, and recharge body and mind.

    With kind regards.

    See you soon.

    Aurore, Olivier, Maxime Delaet-Devoghel.

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