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The present rental conditions refer to the Estate called ‘Domaine des Fargues ‘ in the commune of 24510 Sainte Foyde Longas, France.
In these Terms and Conditions of Short-term Residential Vacation Rental Agreement, the terms ‘we’ and ‘Owner’ refers to the Owner of the ‘Domaine des Fargues’ and the term ‘you’ refer to the Guest.

Arrival, Departure

Rentals are usually for a minimum of nights.

In July and August, there are only weekly rentals possible, with both arrivals and departures on Saturday.
Unless otherwise agreed, arrivals are as of 5 p.m
At the end of the stay, we kindly ask to liberate the vacation rental before 10 a.m.
If you expect to arrive after 8 p.m., please notify us by calling the office +33 (0)5 53 742391 or the mobile/cell number +33 (0)6 30 760322. 
Whenever possible, we will wait for you and in any case we will find a common agreement to let you access your rental house after 10 p.m.


All of our houses are rented on an all-inclusive price, including consumption of gas (for the barbecue), water and electricity.

In the winter the heating costs of the houses are NOT inclusive.

Security deposit

Two months prior to the rental period, we ask you to pay a security deposit (by check or transfer) at the same time as the outstanding balance of the rental cost. This non-interest-bearing sum cannot in any case be regarded as the partial payment of the rental costs.

The security deposit amount is equal to  25% of the total rental amount.

The Guest sends the Owner a certified bank check, to be dated on the day of the start of the Rental Agreement.

Instead of a certified bank check you can also transfer the security deposit into the Owners bank account,  bank details are stipulated on page 1 of this Rental Agreement.

The security deposit refunding will be done by returning the check to you or by refunding you by bank transfer, The refund will be executed within 7 days after the ending of the Rental Agreement.

The security deposit may be used by the Owner to reimburse any damage or to cover additional cleaning costs.

In this regard, we ask you to leave the house at the end of your stay in the same pristine condition as you found it.

The final cleaning is to be carried out by the Guest. If we consider that the house has not been cleaned thoroughly, we reserve the right to deduct the additional cleaning costs from your security deposit. 

Note that it is possible to outsource the final cleaning of the house.

For more information, inquire at the front desk or check the billed flat rate as posted for your convenience at the reception.


During your stay, we ask you to take full responsibility and all necessary precautions to avoid any damage or degradation of the house and the surrounding property. You will ensure the usual maintenance of the house with due diligence. The damages and reparation costs are at the expense of the Guest and will be deducted from the security deposit.

Any dispute or comment regarding the house and property should be reported to the Owner within the first 2 days of the start of the Rental Agreement.

Payment Terms

A rental deposit of 25% of the total Rental Amount is required upon the reservation and the balance of rental amount is due two months prior to the start of the rental period. If the Rental Agreement is finalised less than 2 months before your day of arrival, the total due rental costs are to be paid immediately.

The Rental Agreement only  becomes valid upon completion of both of the following conditions:

  • upon receival by the Owner of the duly completed and signed Rental Agreement forms 
  • at the latest, 5 days after receiving the duly completed Rental Agreement forms, the transfer of the rental deposit into the Owner’s bank account

In the event that both these conditions are not fulfilled, we reserve the right to consider the Rental Agreement void.

If the remainder balance has not been paid during the time agreed the reservation will be considered terminated. without reimbursement of rental deposit.

Tourist taxes

There is a tourist tax of €1.30 per person per night. Please insure you pay these outstanding fees at the end of your stay.

Cancellation of booking

If, for any reason, the Guest had to cancel the Rental Agreement more than two months prior to the start of the rental date, the Guest would be required to pay the rental deposit, unless we manage to rerent the house, in which case we agree to reimburse the Guest his complete rental deposit, except €60 for administrative fees.

If the cancellation by the Guest occurs less than two months before the start of the rental date, the Guest will be liable to the full payment of the Rental Agreement sum, unless we manage to rerent the house, in which case we also agree to reimburse the Guest the entire rental payment except, €100 for administrative fees.

It is also possible for the Guest to find a substitute.

We encourage you to take out a cancellation insurance. (you can subscribe online with www.ethias.be in Belgium, or www.elvia.fr in France).

Swimming pools and tennis courts

The maintenance of the swimming pools, tennis courts as well as of the Estate in general is carried out by us. During your stay, we request to have free access to the swimming pools for maintenance that we carry out early in the morning, daily. We ask you to take care of the overall cleanliness of the swimming pool surroundings and to use dustbins provided for this purpose. We also urge you to respect the access roads and the common places (car parks, lawns, plantations, flower pots, sport fields and playgrounds).

The use of the swimming pools, which are under no circumstances supervised by us, is under your sole responsibility. Parents must therefore supervise their children at all times. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. According to French law, our swimming pools are equipped with an approved safety system. However, it should be noted that nothing replaces the vigilance of the parents and that any security system, regardless of its sophistication is not a guarantee and never an absolute certainty.

The tennis court is lit until midnight. After this time, it is no longer accessible (the light switches off automatically) May we ask the late evening tennis players to go quietly back to their house.

Domestic animals

For reasons of hygiene, safety and tranquillity of our Guests, dogs, cats, and any other species of animals are unfortunately not accepted, unless express permission by the Owner.

House linen and household products

All our houses are provided with duvets and pillows for the beds, as well as pillowcases sheets and covers.

Also included is a bathroom towel set per person. It is prohibited to use the bathroom towels at or around the swimming pools or loungers. It is up to the Guests to bring their own beach towels.

Hand and kitchen towels are also provided.

Maintenance appliances for the house are at your disposal (vacuum cleaners, mops, squeegees, brooms and buckets).

Upon arrival you will find in your house the basic essentials (toilet paper, kitchen towels, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent, floor detergent, sanitary detergent, sponges and new dishcloths, multi-function detergent spray, cleaning product for the vitroceramic cooktop, window cleaner and binbags).

For your comfort, we have a laundry room at your disposal. There are several washing machines and dryers, ironing board and iron. You are welcome to use it and it is free of charge.

Cooper’s house, Slater’s house, Carpenter’s house and the Rope’s makers house have their own washing machine and dryer.


The property that is subject of this Rental Agreement shall not, under any circumstances, be occupied by a number of persons greater than that specified in the special conditions, unless the Owner has given explicitly his prior authorization.

If necessary, the Owner will claim additional renting fees.

The Guest will be careful not to do anything that, because of his or her family, friends, or any other relationship, can harm the tranquillity of the surroundings and/or other Guests.

In order to respect all our holiday Guests, peace and quiet is expected as of 10.30 p.m.